Artist Spotlight: Alice Coltrane

One of the beautiful things about music is how it transcends time and space, allowing an artist’s message and spirit to have an impact beyond the imagination.

Alice Coltrane is a musician whose music was heavily influenced by her dedication to healing through meditation, spirituality and family.

Her talents were immense and she is a notable harpist, pianist, organist and vocalist, infusing classical, jazz, spirituality and chants into her compositions. Having studied Classical music and Jazz in Paris, Alice Coltrane was able to collaborate with other world renowned Jazz musicians away from her hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

In the documentary ‘A Love Supreme’ (Black Journal, 1970) she speaks of the power of meditation and the freedom it gave her.

At Soul Surge, we know the power of music and want to share that with our growing community. Meditation can feel difficult at times, especially when starting out or trying for the first time – the mind can feel busy and unsettled, but this settles over time and with practice.

Meditation is a great stress reliever, allows us to ground ourselves and can be a peaceful moment away from the heaviness of the world – do your own research on meditation techniques and find what works for you.

There are so many Alice Coltrane albums you can listen to, with such a huge catalogue of sounds we’d suggest exploring yourself, but if you need somewhere to start have a listen to the ever transcendent classic ‘Journey in Satchidananda’