Artist Spotlight: Summer Walker

It’s been 5 years since Summer Walker released one of her most soulful projects ‘Clear’, which is the first in the Clear series.

Summer’s career started out with her breakout track ‘Girls Need Love’ from her debut mixtape ‘Last Day Of Summer’, which reached number 25 on Billboard’s RnB/Hip-Hop albums charts in 2018.

She went on to release ‘Clear’ alongside a live performance of the whole project on Youtube and showed a soft, open and musical Summer Walker with the potential to be a leading voice in the contemporary RnB space. Clear is a 4-track project which documents her experiences of love and lust, difficult relationship dynamics and the dilemmas that come with them.

Four years and two critically acclaimed albums later, Summer Walker returned with ‘Clear 2: Soft Life’, which is a continuation of the Clear series and bounces between vulnerability, self-love, relationship insights and more. With features from J Cole and Childish Gambino, Clear 2 is a sign of growth and we’re looking forward to what’s next in her journey.