Ayeisha Raquel releases her debut single “Starving”

Following a year of releases as a feature artist and backing vocalist, Ayeisha Raquel is ready to take centre stage and release her soulful and introspective debut single “Starving”.

Having been in sessions with the likes of Emil, Enny, Lex Amor, Tinyman and other talented musicians, Ayeisha has taken the time to learn and develop her craft while also exploring her own personal growth.

“Starving” confronts the questions Ayeisha has about her interactions with others and the need for deeper, more meaningful connections – something we all want and need.

Produced by the wizard that is Intalekt, the instrumentation sets a reflective and grounding tone with light keys sprinkled across the track.

Similarly to Ayeisha’s lyricism, the instrumentation provokes stillness and meditation amongst a sea of questions and thoughts.

Listen here: https://ditto.fm/starving_ayeisha_raquel_0090300d58