Soul Surge - Joyce

Joyce Wrice is back and she’s better than ever

Thats On You is the latest solo release from the LA soul singer, Joyce Wrice. For the last two years, Wrice has blessed rappers such as Westside Gunn, featuring on ‘French Toast’ and Ivan Ave by providing melodic hooks with her radiant voice.

This downtempo track is an absolute vibe! Whether you’re at a jazz bar, or home with a glass of wine in one hand, phone in the other as you convince yourself not to send that risky text (please never send that text). 

This song is definitely not a break up song and neither is it a love song. It’s an ‘Ode to the Situationships’. The uncertainty. The back and forth. The questioning. The “I need to send that text”, (no seriously, please never send that text).

Listening to Wrice’s voice in the first verse, you hear how unsure she is about her ‘lover’. The second verse is stronger as she basically says enough is enough: “Now Im tired of this waiting. Made me use up all my patience.” She’s fed up… At least we think she is until she then agrees to give him one more chance.  

Wrice describes her sound as having R&B and jazz influences and that’s evident in all of her previous works. The sweet baseline from her 2016 release ‘Do You Love Me?’ is R&B at its finest, while her single ‘Good Morning’ uses a smooth saxophone to showcase its jazzy flair. ‘Thats On You’ combines both of these sounds and it’s a clever infusion from the singer. It’s true to her style. And it’s a sound that we have been missing from her since her last drop ‘Blurred Lines’ which boasted a more stripped back, Trap Soul vibe. 

If ‘That’s On You’ is a step towards a long awaited debut album then it’s a great return for Wrice. It’s effortlessly soulful and very relatable.

If you’re ever in need of a mood setter that will trigger you in the process – this is the one.

Melissa Dee

Listen to Joyce Wrice – That’s on you: