Kadeem Tyrell is back with another smooth joint ‘I Want You’

Kadeem Tyrell is back with another Soulful RnB track for us to enjoy ahead of his next project release.

Drawing us in with his distinctive and warming vocal tone, Kadeem takes on a journey of self-expression and honesty as he emphasises how much he wants the subject of his lyrics.

Passion and truth is something Kadeem continues to share with his listeners through each track and if ‘I Want You’ is any indication, the forthcoming project is going to be one to remember!

Produced by the illustrious R-Kay, the backdrop to Kadeem’s lyrics on ‘I want You’, are set with captivating guitar chords, subtle keys and steady percussion.

Reminiscent of D’Angelo’s sound on Brown Sugar, the production is a work of art and a demonstration of R-Kay’s mastery.

There is something affirming about being wanted and being told as adamantly and as clearly as Kadeem expresses in this track.

Maybe we should all take a leaf out of his book and be this direct with the subject of our desires, this might be the song that says all of the words we sometimes find it hard to say.

Listen here: