Lizzie Berchie releases her debut single ‘Pass Time’

Lizzie Berchie releases her debut single ‘Pass Time’, inviting us into her world of mellow Neo Soul sounds.

Having spent some time teasing us with her vocals and performances, avid fans of Lizzie can finally indulge in a track that is sure to be on repeat.

Calling on Glen Leach for keys and Lennyn Sampedro for bass adds the perfect touch to an already encapsulating track.

Flaunting her vocal range, Lizzie makes this debut single worth the wait. With golden tones dipped in honey, she delivers a somewhat harsh message in the sweetest way.

“I could never fall in love with you forever, I treasure my me time” – a sentiment most would be familiar with, captured throughout ‘Pass Time’.

Of course, the track wouldn’t be complete without the smooth flows and to-the-point lyricism of Kofi Stone, adding perspective and flavour.

Fall in love with ‘Pass Time’ and get familiar with Lizzie Berchie as she promises more new music to sink your teeth into!

Listen here: