Down the rabbit hole with Dayasoul…

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the British Soul singer and songwriter, Dayasoul. It’s always worth the wait and we’re looking forward to what else is in store for 2023!

“Rabbit Hole” is the first release from Dayasoul this year but has already been on heavy rotation at Soul Surge HQ!

Speaking to the struggle of finding purpose while balancing life is something many can relate to. As soulful as ever, the rawness in her voice demonstrates the emotion and feeling being expressed on top of deep and grounding instrumentation.

Dayasoul’s ability to communicate through intricate songwriting and intentional melodies infused with Gospel/Soul is a sure way to connect with listeners who can relate to feeling lost, alone, helpless yet still pushing forward with hope.

Touching on her beliefs, she says “I’d love people to feel understood and embraced, you aren’t the only one going through it, so am I. Be encouraged that Jesus knows and cares”.

Listen to “Rabbit Hole” here: