Check out the various things we offer here, for bespoke services, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss what works best for you!

Workshops & Creative Experiences

At Soul Surge, we believe that engaging in moments of freedom, joy and creativity are important and conducive to our well-being. We curate and facilitate bespoke workshops to cater to the needs of individuals, groups and organisations seeking to invest in their emotional well-being and offer experiences tailored to their needs.


We want to support our community to engage in practices which enhance their knowledge and experience of well-being and self-care. We provide workshops which explore the benefits of creativity on our well-being, as well as practical activities to physically alleviate stress or discomfort.

Creative Experiences

Enjoy the ease of having creative experiences curated for yourself, a group or an organisation. Perfect for staff well-being or away days, team building or simply a fun and creative experience to indulge in.

We curate bespoke experiences from pottery, painting sessions, boat rides, well-being retreats and more.

Well-being Consultations & Coaching

We’re keen to support our community with enhancing their well-being and understand the need for further professional support. Get in touch with us for further information on our coaching and consultation services.


We are experienced in creating a number of events, from live music showcases to parties and hangouts. Get in touch with us for a consultation and let us support you with creating an immersive, multi-sensory experiential event for your audience. With the use of scents, visual aids and a dedicated events team, we can handle your needs.

Event Planning & Management

Work with our consultants and event planners to create an event and have it managed by Soul Surge. Whether you need a stage manager, sound engineer, DJ, Host or Guest list manager, we’ve got you covered! Along with our documentation team, we can create a bespoke service for you according to your budget.

Music Discovery

We provide specially curated radio shows and playlists for our community of music lovers who find freedom and escapism in the experience of discovering and rediscovering new/old music.

Artist Support & Consultation

We support artists with getting their work to the right audience, whether it be radio producers/presenters, DJs, listeners or consumers! 

Get in touch for a consultation on support with press kits, radio plugging, marketing support and more.

Music Curation

At Soul Surge, music is our love language and it’s how we communicate to the world! Through our own specialist radio shows, play-lists and roster of DJs, we are able to provide musical experiences which encourage discovery, escapism and creativity.

Get in touch to find out more about getting us involved with music curation at events, radio and more.


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