Sinead Harnett ft Masego & Vanjess – Stickin’

‘Stickin’ is the new summer vibe from the magnificent British songstress Sinéad Harnett.

This is a collaboration of UK and US R&B greatness, featuring US vocals from the sister duo VanJess and music maestro Masego. It’s an upbeat, fun and playful track from Sinéad Harnett where strokes of pink and bursts of yellow, marry with the sweet smell of bubblegum and fruity cocktails. This is the song you hear playing when you’re out chilling in the sun with friends by your side and a couple of drinks in

Now that outside is open, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a
staple at day parties and BBQs.

Harnett chooses a laidback R&B sound on this one. It boasts a beat that will make your head bop without you even realising you’re doing it (it will happen to you at least once). Her vocals are slick as she welcomes us into the song, VanJess ease us into the second verse and Masego takes it home with his signature style, bouncing off the melody with every word.

Above all else, the chorus is catchy. I find myself humming “baby, I’ll still be here sticking with you” on the hour every day (Note: I cannot relate whatsoever. Purely here for the vibes).

Harnett is set to drop her sophomore album later this year. In her 2019 debut album “Lessons in Love”, Harnett made it clear that not only is she a vocal powerhouse but she can write songs that will make you feel as if she’s ripped out a page or two from your diary.

Stickin’ is a track about sticking with someone through everything. Since Sinéad stuck with us through quarantine and gifted us with bangers and performances, we’ll be sticking with this tune for Summer.

Melissa Dee

Listen to Sinead Harnett ft VanJess & Masego – Stickin’: