Get into “Tortoise Territory” – The debut EP from Tahn Solo

During the multiple lockdowns of 2020 here in Britain, we were able to slow down and discover new sounds and tap into artists that we hadn’t heard before.

An artist we caught onto was Tahn Solo with his first offering Joyride, a smooth and hypnotising debut single which surely set the tone for his 2021 offerings.

Tortoise Territory is an EP exploring self-reflection, patience, journeying and more – concepts which I believe that many of us were forced to delve further into during the tumultuous experience of the ongoing pandemic.

Tortoise Territory is a reminder that it is ok to slow down and go at one’s own pace, the journey can be just as important as the destination and in some sense, can teach us more. The EP is 5 tracks of soft, floating vocals over minimalist production and intricate lyricism, creating a recipe for repetition.

Take your time with this project and enjoy the journey.

Listen here: